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Also known as xerosis, dry skin is a very common condition that becomes more prevalent with age.

The Cause

Xerosis is due to a decrease in the amount of lipids water-binding capacity of the top layers of the skin. It can be associated with environmental factors such as low humidity, increased age, and frequent bathing or use of harsh soaps. Xerosis can also be associated with conditions such as eczema, hypothyroidisim, kidney or liver disease, HIV, cancer, or autoimmune disease.

Dry Skin

Dry Skin Hygiene

  • Do not use soap in the shower on areas other than your "smelly areas" - armpits, groin, and buttocks. Soap will only strip your skin's natural barrier.


  • Avoid dryer sheets, scented laundry detergeant, and fabric softener. Chemicals from these can exacerbate skin dryness.


Dry skin increases with age, and nearly everyone over the age of 60 experiences some degree of xerosis.

The Treatment

Treatment for dry skin consists of daily or every other day application of ammonium lactate 12% lotion.


Ammonium Lactate Lotion


3 month supply

  • How often am I billed?
    You are billed every 90 days.
  • How do I change or cancel my plan?
    To pause, cancel, or restart your plan submit a ticket through our contact form and a representative will address your request within 24 business hours!
  • How am I billed after I unpause a paused plan?
    If you pause and unpause a plan before your next scheduled billing cycle, then you will be billed on the already scheduled date. If you unpause a plan after the billing cycle date has lapsed, then you will be billed at the time you unpause your plan and future billing dates will be every 3 months from your unpause date.
  • Will I be charged if my medical application is not approved?
    You will only be charged if your application is approved.
  • When does my subscription end?
    Your subscription ends 1 year after the date it began - this is due to state prescribing laws. To renew your subscription, simply retake the appropriate medical questionnaire to provide us with your updated medical information and checkout with the desired plan.

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