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Male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia, is due to a combination of genetics and the hormone DHT.

The Cause

Male pattern hair loss is due to a combination of genetics and the hormone DHT - this hormone causes the hair follicle to shrink over time until the follicle finally disappears. Testosterone turns into DHT through the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. Turning off this enzyme can prevent the progression of androgenic alopecia and also help some of the hair follicles to grow back. 

Hair Loss Male Pattern Baldness

Long story short...

DHT = progression of male hair loss.


2 out of 3 men will experience some form of male pattern hair loss by the age of 35.

The Treatment

We offer clinically proven treatments that can stop hair loss and potentially regrow and thicken scalp hair.

Finasteride 1mg

Propecia Finasteride Pills


3 month supply

Minoxidil 6%


3 month supply

Minoxidil Rogaine
Finasteride Minoxidile Topical Combination

 Topical Finasteride 0.3%  & Minoxidil 6%


3 month supply

Before & After

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